With our 20 years of creative strategy, UX, and design experience, Backpack Interactive builds transformative edTech experiences for teachers, students, and learners.

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A good start makes for a great outcome — and that’s where we come in. Our team of talented strategists, UX, and UI designers use our proven processes to work through the problems, goals, and users of each specific client. We use that data to create successful, efficient, custom-tailored end products. Organizations that embrace smart strategy, UX and UI for their edTech products find that they are more widely adopted, require less professional training and are proven more effective — and we’re focused on building that product for you.

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Our Mission

We’re edTech specialists with 20 years of experience, focused on equipping our clients with the tools they need to create better digital products: strategic insights, product ideation, design, and UX. We believe that thoughtful design and UX can enable better teaching and learning — that our work can give users a brain full of knowledge and a backpack full of confidence.

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Work Culture

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    We’re serious about strategy

    We love to learn, research, and ask questions. Our strategy is built around that core concept -- we take the time to understand the problems, goals, and users.

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    We assume nothing about our users

    The key to empathetic design is a user-centric approach, so we extensively test our new products without assumptions or ego. Every user is different, and every story is crucial in building a successful product.

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    We believe in the importance of great design

    Great visual presentation simplifies and clarifies the complex. We believe in the power of beautiful design to enable better teaching, learning, and delight.

Selected Clients

EL Education
The WNET Group
Learning Ally
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Columbia University
NYU Langone Health

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