User interface isn't just something teachers and learners see—it's something they feel.

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User Interface Design

Deliver better, more delightful learning outcomes through a visually stunning edTech product

We specialize in edTech because teachers and learners have different needs than consumers—and every learner deserves design that's tailored to them.

Great visual design also communicates your learning content clearly and simply, expressing your brand on every screen.

No matter what kind of organization you are, we take your sales data, marketing efforts, and technology into account.

This holistic approach to design ensures your learning tool will be effective, easy to use, and ready for schools to adopt. Did we mention it'll be delightful, too?

We design by:
  • Developing scalable visual systems for your product, including color, typography, and interface elements
  • Showing you moving, transitioning, and responsive screens as we go
  • Building design systems that save you money by making all of your teams more efficient
  • Collaborating with development teams to recommend imaginative technology solutions and hand off your final designs
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Visual concepts & moodboards
Tell the visual story of your product, tailor concepts to the right age group, and build the foundations of delight.
Animation & illustrations
Make your edTech product come alive with animated screen elements and beautiful illustrations that engage.
Design systems
Invest in a scalable system to streamline design and development and produce new edTech products with your brand's visual language.
Accessibility compliance
Ensure your products meet—and exceed—accessibility benchmarks, in order to improve the experience of all users.

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