Self-Directed Workshop: Using Game Mechanics To Boost Teacher Engagement in Your edTech Product

Sean Oakes bio picture Sean Oakes

Quizzes. Badges. Levels. Leaderboards.

We design these features for students who use our edTech products—why not teachers?

Hear us out.

Game mechanics in teacher-facing products:

  • Support verified teacher needs
  • Boost feature adoption
  • Improve teacher efficacy
  • Dovetail with existing features in your learning tools

Whether you’re designing a professional learning product or an assessment tool, your edTech products are ripe for this business opportunity.

And this workshop will show you how to do it with minimal fuss.

Download your free self-directed workshop

This self-directed workshop offers everything you need to incorporate game mechanics into your teacher-facing products.

Generate ideas, foster discussion with your stakeholders, and align on feature priorities. You’ll get:

  • 4 workshop exercises to conduct with stakeholders
  • 12 pages of facilitator notes, so you can cut down on planning time
  • 1 link to our customizable workshop templates in Miro, so you can make the workshop your own!

edTech product workshops are effective but time-intensive to design and facilitate. Our exercises, notes, and customizable templates put you ahead of the game.

You’ll come out of the workshop with ideas for surprising, delighting, and engaging teachers—without making your product feel less professional.

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