Product Development

Creating a new app or digital product for clients can render many different outcomes, but for us it always starts with the same process:

First, we listen 1

We interview key stakeholders and comb though research to better understand and clarify their organization’s story. We don’t make assumptions. We stay curious.

Next, we immerse ourselves in what already exists. 2

We analyze the competitive landscape. We also perform a complete audit of any existing materials and products.

Then, we focus on who we are trying to reach 3

We need to better understand who this audience is and why they might be interested. By identifying these personas, we can understand their motivations, needs and preferences. These findings will guide creative decision making - it leads us to understand how to make the story spark a relationship to the audience. 

We turn discovery 
into application 4

Through multiple rounds of creative presentations, we will develop and refine a prototype into a fully-developed product built on rock-solid technology.

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Designing Accessible Interfaces

Through our work with our long-time client, Learning Ally, the world’s largest provider of audio textbooks and literature, we developed an audio reader app for people with visual impairments or dyslexia. Working with this client has helped us develop deep expertise in understanding and creating highly-accessible interfaces for users with special needs.

Even when creating user interfaces (UI) for users who are not living with disabilities, we rigorously test color contrast of visual elements, font sizes and animations before beginning front-end development.

In addition to our own internal best-practices, we use a variety of online resources to ensure compliance for readability and usability.

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