User Experience Design

At Backpack, we follow an iterative design process with five phases:


We strive to understand the needs and motivations of our client’s audience.


We define what the problems we are trying to solve are and what the goals will be for the users. 


We use our creativity to develop ideas that will address these needs and goals.


We translate these ideas into clickable prototypes to see how they will actually work.  


We Test our ideas with real users to get feedback and refine our concept.

Through this system we develop a strong pedagogical foundation that ensures that the final product addresses the user’s needs and will be successfully adopted into classroom routines. In addition to relying on our 18 years of experience designing usable interactive solutions, we use common interactive patterns that are immediately familiar to users. We believe the best user experiences should be barely noticeable to the user. 

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Case Study: Literacy Pro

We used this UX design process to create an independent reading platform for Scholastic called Literacy Pro. We started by talking to teachers about how independent reading worked in their classrooms. By understanding their needs first, we were able to bring together Scholastic’s business requirements and define the problems we were trying to solve.

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