At-Home Learning: Resources for Parents, Teachers, and edTech Product Owners

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The COVID-19 pandemic brings unprecedented challenges to the field of education. During at-home learning, parents are suddenly tasked with overseeing their child’s education. At the same time, many educators are still learning the best ways to engage families and students from home, troubleshooting on the fly.

We’ve noticed a sea-change in the edTech industry, too. Organizations and nonprofits that plan to keep their buildings shuttered to the public must rise to meet new design challenges. Now that visitors and and target populations are home-bound, organizations must rush to create valuable online resources or experiences to be of service. edTech product owners will also need to address issues of accessibility and equity more nimbly than ever.

Backpack is ready to weather these new challenges with you.

As former educators, design professionals, and parents, we know how difficult and stressful this moment is. Both parents and teachers may be new to working with learning products for extended periods of time. Nonprofit organizations may be designing their very first virtual experiences with at-home learning in mind. Product owners need tactical tips for rolling out accessible design quickly, too.

In order to help, we’re launching a new series dedicated to easing the transition to at-home learning — no matter what your role happens to be. (Some of us even have more than one!)

Whether you’re a parent trying to balance working from home with instructing your child, a teacher stepping into the unexpected role of tech support, or a product owner planning to revamp your existing learning tools, we’ve got digestible, easy-to-implement guides for your biggest challenges.

We’ll publish new guides every week throughout the summer. Be sure to bookmark this page, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and subscribe to our newsletter for monthly digests, so you don’t miss out on a single post.

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