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What's the plan?

Careful analysis and creativity is how we develop solutions that translate strategic requirements into engaging, usable experiences for end users. With 18+ years of experience, we’re experts at developing effective EdTech products.

Our system of breaking down each new challenge is a combination of deep learning and our proven systems. Our team has an extraordinary drive to pull apart problems in order to understand them better. Using data-focused research, persona analysis and client interviews, we clearly articulate the project’s potential obstacles and opportunities. 

Planning like this always results in more effective, efficient UX, design and development processes.

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Personalized Digital Rewards Are the Future of EdTech

While I’ve long believed that educational products can harness digital reward systems to make self-directed learning more fun, our round of beta testing at the Boys & Girls Club confirmed what the research suggests. Combining learning incentives with self-directed learning makes digital education tools more effective.

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